Young Leaders Spotlight: Justin Lear

Susie HarwoodBlog

Our next SITE GB Young Leader in the spotlight is Justin Lear, senior account manager at DMC 2B UK Ltd. Justin “fell” into the events industry, and didn’t even know what a DMC was when he took on some freelance work at 2B UK fresh after graduating. But he hasn’t looked back since and loves the day to day variety the job brings.

What are the benefits of being involved in SITE Young Leaders?

I would have to say the biggest thing is the contacts and connections, it’s such an amazing network. I also think it has helped me gain a better insight into different areas of the incentive sector so that’s been great too. This insight and being around industry peers and learning from them gives you confidence, which you can take away into your day-to-day role.  

How did you get into the events and incentives industry?

I completely fell into it. I studied Biology at University and when I moved to London to look for a graduate job, I was offered three weeks of freelance work through a family connection at 2B UK, which turned into a full-time job. I had no idea what a DMC was or did, so it was fun learning all about it.

What does your role at 2B UK entail and what does a normal day look like for you?

I don’t think I’ve had a “normal day” since starting. As a senior account manager, I’m involved in most of the business from the planning and proposal stage through to running a program. It’s such a varied role which can mean juggling a lot, but I have had some incredible experiences over the past 5 years or so and created some amazing memories for clients. I would say that I have been more on the operational side since starting, which is great as you see everything planned through to completion. You then get to see the “wow” guest moments when they walk into a once in a lifetime experience that has been planned for months and months.

What types of programmes are inbound incentive groups booking right now?

A real mix. We still have groups that haven’t travelled to London before and so will want to do the classics and the ‘must sees’. However, we’re finding an increasing number of clients are looking for out of the box ideas for tours, new and quirky venues, and the hottest restaurants in town, so it’s a fun challenge. We thought there might be a nervousness and it would be slow to pick up since Covid, but it seems like everyone is looking to make up for lost time which is great.

The thing I most love about working in events and incentives is…

The variety day to day. One day I’ll be with a group creating a once in a lifetime experience, the next I’ll be loading luggage onto a truck at 1:00am, it’s not always glamorous but it does keep things interesting! Also, the perks really don’t hurt! I’m a massive foodie so I can’t get enough of trying out new restaurants or having incredible tastings and showcases with some of London’s top caterers.

If I wasn’t in events…

I’d possibly be doing something to do with sport or health and fitness, those are my other biggest passions. I do also love cooking and at one point I did think about culinary school but then I decided it wasn’t quite for me.

What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever had from an incentive client?

The list is endless! The weirdest one recently was I had to organise transportation to get two Caesar Salads from a hotel to clients arriving at Heathrow. Always happy to help provide a solution for a client, even if it is bizarre.

When I’m not working, I’m most likely to be…

Either trying out new restaurants and bars in London with my girlfriend (our list of places we want to go is endless) or running.